Parties and fireworks

Been a busy few days here on the island. Thursday, there was the PokerStars Summer/TT Party which also coincided with the 100 Billion hand celebration. It was an amazing event, with a good food, great entertainment and that all important open bar. I must admit that before the party started, I was in two minds on how to deal with it with respect to my diet. However, when I arrived, any considerations to that went out the window. I’ve basically been eating just meat and salads for a month, so I thought I deserved one evening of indulgence. I did watch the calories with my selection of beverages though, as I spent most of the evening drinking Vodka mixed with soda water 😉

I mentioned the entertainment, and that was handled by local Manx-Man Davy Knowles. He didn’t get the job because he is a local, mind you. He is an incredibly well respected guitarist among his peers and has good commercial success as well.

And to give an impression of the theme for the evening:

100B Ice Sculpture

Yesterday, was the final and the  highlight of the TT Races, the PokerStars Senior TT and the subsequent closing party on Douglas Promenade. Unfortunately, I missed most of the party, but I did catch the fireworks that marked the end of the event:

TT Fireworks

So what about my training….?

Well, I worked out in the gym as usual on Thursday, but yesterday (Friday), I must admit I felt the effects of the party, so I decided to take the day off from exercise. Instead, I went to the pool today and I will go to the gym tomorrow, on what would normally be my day off. So come Monday, I should be back in my normal routine again. I haven’t seemed to have any ill effects from the deviation to my diet either, so it seems that even when keeping a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to enjoy life from time to time.

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