Back on the horse

After a couple of days of rest, it was time to get off my backside and get some training done again.  Thinking back to how tired I was on Sunday, I was very concerned about how I would do, even to the point where I was considering not going. However, I suspect that was just my latent laziness trying to get the better of me.

So… off I went to the pool, and except for the fact that there it was way too crowded, everything went fine. I aimed for doing 1,500 meters, and if not for the local swimming club insisting I get out when I had 50 meters remaining, I would have reached that goal quite comfortably. I was swimming in my normal tempo, and it felt like I could have continued for quite a while longer. The main thing though, was that I had a positive experience my first time back, and I feel ready to continue my quest.

I don’t think I will go back to six times per week, at least not at once. Maybe I will do five times, but since I want to do a 50/50 split between the pool or the gym, I am thinking to do an eight day rotation where I fit in three swims and three gym sessions. That would give me one day off every fourth day, something that should help a lot compared to one day off per week. I haven’t made a final decision yet. Right now I will play it by ear for a week or so, and make sure that I don’t overdo it like last time.


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